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September 8 is National Protect Your Groundwater Day. The Texas Well Owner Network provides resources for private well owners in Texas to learn how to protect their groundwater.

Protect Your Groundwater Day

TWRI Mills Scholar Tony Rodger studied fish and environmental flows in the lower Brazos River Basin, concluding that high flow events help maintain the species' biodiversity and early life stage survival. Read more in Conservation Matters.

August 2015 CM - Mills

The Summer 2015 issue of txH2O looks at the new Lower Rio Grande Valley Water Improvement Initiative, water conservation technologies for utilities and homeowners, research into soil moisture and more.

Summer 2015 tx H2O (1)

IRNR is leading a study examining 100 of the most popular Central Texas landscape plants to determine the minimum amount of water required by the plants to survive and recover after a drought. Learn more in Conservation Matters.

July 2015 CM - DSS

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Conservation Matters

Conservation Matters covers the latest research and education news about land, water and wildlife in Texas and beyond state lines.


txH2O magazine features current water resources research, outreach programs, and issues in Texas.

Texas Water Journal

The Texas Water Journal is an online, peer-reviewed journal devoted to water resources management and policy issues.

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