Danielle Kalisek

Program Manager - Pre-Award

(979) 845-2781 - dmkalisek@tamu.edu

Danielle Kalisek

As a program manager of the institutes, Danielle Kalisek manages proposal and budget development and facilitates the submission process, serving as a liaison between the institutes and Texas A&M’s Sponsored Research Services. She facilitates grants, contracts and proposals through the funding and approval process, monitors progress of funded activities and assists with post-award subcontracts, revisions and extensions when needed.

Kalisek also serves as a member of the communications team and manages the Texas Well Owner Network project funded by the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board.

Kalisek joined the Texas Water Resources Institute in 2005 and has been a program manager since 2012. Before joining the Texas Water Resources Institute, Kalisek was a student worker for Texas A&M AgriLife Communications during college. She received a bachelor of science in journalism from Texas A&M University.

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