Anna Gitter

Graduate Research Assistant

Anna Gitter

Anna Gitter joined the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) as a graduate research assistant in January 2018. She assists with developing watershed characterization reports and field work. Her interests include water quality and human health issues. 

Anna received her Bachelor of Science in environmental science from the University of Michigan and her Master of Science in water management and hydrological sciences from Texas A&M University. She was also a graduate research assistant for TWRI while working on her masters.

Currently, Anna is pursuing her doctorate in the Water Management and Hydrological Science program with a focus on microbial water quality and human health risk assessments. Before returning for her doctorate, Anna worked for the Whatcom Conservation District in Lynden, WA and assisted with edge-of-field runoff studies for dairy farms in the area.

In her spare time, Anna loves running, especially trail running, and spending as much time outside as possible. 

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