Ed Rhodes

Research Associate

Ed Rhodes

As a research associate for the institute, Ed Rhodes provides leadership for the various water quality monitoring projects performed by the institute. He also assists with quality assurance activities associated with primary and secondary data collection efforts.

Rhodes’ research interests include, 1) Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications in water quality assessment, 2) water quality monitoring, 3) implications and land use/land cover on water quality, and 4) watershed assessment.



M.S. – Rangeland Ecology and Management (2006). Oregon State University
B.S. – Rangeland Ecology and Management (2003). Texas A&M University

Professional Experience

  • Research Associate, Texas Water Resources Institute, 2017-Present
  • Research Associate, Center for Natural Resource Information Technology, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Temple and College Station, TX, 2007-2017
  • Research Associate, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Vernon, TX, 2006-2007

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Berg, M.D., B.P. Wilcox, J.P. Angerer, E.C. Rhodes, and W.E. Fox. 2016. Deciphering rangeland transformation-complex dynamics obscure interpretations of woody plant encroachment. Landscape Ecology 31(10): 2433-2444.

Berg, M.D., S.C. Popescu, B.P. Wilcox, J.P. Angerer, E.C. Rhodes, J. McAlister, and W.E. Fox. 2016. Small farm ponds: overlooked features with important impacts on watershed sediment transport. Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) 52(1): 67-76.

Berg, M.D., M.G. Sorice, B.P. Wilcox, J.P. Angerer, E.C. Rhodes and W.E. Fox. 2015. Demographic changes drive woody plant cover trends - an example from the Great Plains.  Rangeland Ecology and Management 68:315-321.

Rhodes, E.C., D.R. Tolleson, J.P. Angerer, J.A. Kava, J. Dyess, and T. Nicolet.  2014.  A comparison of rangeland monitoring techniques for modeling herbaceous fuels and forage in central Arizona, USA.  Fire Ecology 10(2): 76-91.

Rhodes, E.C., J.D. Bates, R. Sharp and K. Davies 2010. Fire effects on cover and dietary resources of sage-grouse habitat. Journal of Wildlife Management 74:755-764.

Bates, J.D., E.C. Rhodes, K.W. Davies, and R. Sharp. 2009. Post-fire succession in big sagebrush steppe with livestock grazing. Rangeland Ecology and Management 62:98-110.

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