Michael Schramm

Research Associate

(979) 458-9191 - Michael.Schramm@ag.tamu.edu

Michael Schramm

As a research associate for the institute, Michael Schramm provides leadership for various research and extension projects, working with university faculty, state, local and federal governments and stakeholders, to address statewide water-related issues. He currently works on a number of projects guiding and assisting watershed characterizations, developing restoration strategies, and facilitating watershed protection plans and other water resource protection measures.

His primary research interests are (1) watershed assessment, planning, and sustainability; (2) facilitating the effective communication of environmental data to stakeholders and policymakers; and (3) local and regional planning for water and energy sustainability.


M.E.E.P. (Master of Energy and Environmental Policy) -  University of Delaware
B.S. – Biology, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
B.A. – Environmental Studies, University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Professional Experience

  • Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Professional Publications

DeRolph, C., Schramm, M., Bevelhimer, M. 2016. Predicting environmental mitigation requirements for hydropower projects through the integration of biophysical and socio-political geographies. Science of the Total Environment (Forthcoming).

Schramm, M., Bevelhimer, M., DeRolph, C.  2016. A synthesis of environmental and recreational mitigation requirements at hydropower projects in the United States. Environmental Science and Policy. 61: 87-96.

Pracheil, B., DeRolph, C., Schramm, M., Bevelhimer, M. 2016. A fish-eye view of riverine hydropower systems: the current understanding of the biological response to turbine passage. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. 26(2): 153-167.

Cutting, R., Cahoon. L., Flood, J., Horton, L., Schramm, M. 2011. Spill the beans: Goodguide, Walmart and EPA use information as efficient, market-based regulation. Tulane Environmental Law Review. 24: 291.

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