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Nominations open for Blue Legacy Awards in Agriculture

The Water Conservation Advisory Council is accepting nominations for 2012 Blue Legacy Awards in Agriculture. The award promotes the agricultural industry's efforts in water conservation in Texas and honors groups or producers whose practices enhance conservation of water while maintaining or improving profitability, according to the council.

Due Oct. 26, nominations are welcome from any individual, group, agency, association, council or organization nominating an individual producer, family operation or partnership business operation. Individuals, families or businesses may also nominate themselves. Past nominees are eligible; previous winners may not reapply. The selection committee considers the use of best management practices, innovative technologies, leadership of the producer and sustainability of business as a whole.

Winners will be invited to attend a reception banquet on Nov. 27 at the Ambassador Hotel in Amarillo, Texas, for presentation of the awards, in conjunction with the 2012 Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show Nov. 27-29 in Amarillo.

For details about the award, contact the council at 512-463-1667 or, or visit

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