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TWDB requests research topics

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) is soliciting input on ideas for research topics relating to the conservation and development of the state's water resources

As directed by the Texas Water Code, the research must be related to the conservation and development of water resources. According to the Texas Administrative Code, Title 31, Chapter 355, any person may apply for research grants. Generally, the research topics should address practical problems and not be duplicative of previously completed or ongoing research.

In recent years, TWDB has funded research on issues related to:

  • Advancing water reuse in Texas
  • Assessing global climate models for water resources planning applications
  • Mining and oil and gas water use
  • Assessing aquifer storage and recovery in Texas
  • Texas water system map: the compilation of a statewide Geodataset and digital maps of water service area boundaries
  • Standardizing measures of long-term water conservation implementation and short-term drought contingency plan implementation in Texas (for purposes of reliably tracking, comparing, and aggregating water savings locally and statewide)
  • Unified costing tool for regional water planning;
  • Developing practical alternatives to pilot plant studies for innovative water technologies
  • Evaluation of Natural Resources Conservation Service flood and sediment control structure conditions to better estimate erosion rates
  • Lifetime cost/benefit assessment of natural channel design versus traditional stormwater infrastructure
  • Establishing a subdivision-scale rainwater harvesting system

More information is available online. Suggestions regarding potential research topics should include a brief explanation of why it is needed, what questions will be answered, who will benefit, and the estimated cost of the research. The deadline for topic suggestions is March 1; suggestions should be directed to Angela Freytag at or 512.463.5201.

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