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Giant salvinia coming back with a vengeance on Caddo Lake

Giant SalviniaResearchers have found that giant salvinia weevils reared and released by the Caddo Lake Giant Salvinia Eradication Project survived the winter on the lake. However, the weevils and the researchers both have an uphill battle to fight: giant salvinia is quickly blanketing the lake again this summer.

"As expected, giant salvinia present on the lake this winter was simply waiting for warmer weather to really get going," Lucas Gregory, Texas Water Resources Institute project manager for the project, said on the project's blog. The project is a part of the Center for Invasive Species Eradication (CISE).

Large mats—10 to 20 acres—of giant salvinia, an invasive aquatic plant, started to form in the Clinton Lake area by early April, Gregory said, and CISE efforts were then set into motion to fight the giant salvinia using chemical applications as well as biological methods with the weevils.

Read the full blog post for more information about the project, and visit the project's Facebook page.

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