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The Texas Land, Water and Wildlife Connection

2012 Texas Water Summit to be held May 20–21 in Austin

2012 Water Summit BannerThe 2012 Texas Water Summit, hosted by The Academy of Medicine, Engineering, and Science of Texas (TAMEST), will be held May 20-21 in Austin. The event is focused on "Securing Water for Texas' Future," and will include experts from water suppliers, universities, and organizations throughout Texas.

According to TAMEST, the forum will explore the major challenges of ensuring future water resources, including supply and demand, water science and conservation, surface and groundwater resources, and developing new forms of water resources. The event will bring together scientists, engineers, policy analysts, legislators, CEO's and agency officials to discuss water security in Texas.

"Water security is increasingly linked to the security of our food, fiber and energy production systems," said Dr. Neal Wilkins, director of the Texas Water Resources Institute and the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources. "This conference will develop a common understanding of the science, technology, economics and policies needed to address the emerging challenges to our region's water security."

The $75 registration includes the reception and dinner on May 20 and the summit on May 21. For more information and for program updates, visit the conference website.

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