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New Texas A&M survey: Texans care about water issues

New Texas A&M SurveyA recent survey has revealed that Texans are interested in, and concerned about, the quality and quantity of water in the Lone Star State. Respondents reported being concerned about the increasing number and severity of droughts in Texas and about the availability of enough water to serve all water needs, according to Texas A&M University researchers

The survey was led by Dr. Arnold Vedlitz, director of the Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy (ISTPP) in the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. The project and survey were designed by him and other researchers at ISTPP.

“This survey revealed that Texans are very worried about our state’s diminishing water resources, and that they are willing to see conservation methods put in place,” Vedlitz said. “They are also concerned about how our water resources are managed and used.” 

The research effort was supported by the Texas Sea Grant Program, TAMU Vice President for Research, and ISTPP in the Bush School. The survey was conducted by the online polling company, GfK in February and March of this year, so the results are scientifically sound and up to date, researchers said.

“One of the things I find most interesting and important in this survey is how strongly Texas citizens feel about keeping water resources available for our natural environmental assets like our bays and estuaries and other environmental life-giving assets so important to our state’s health, natural beauty and economy,” said Dr. Pamela Plotkin, Texas Sea Grant director.

“Policy makers need to be aware of the extent of the public’s concern about water issues and their willingness to support a variety of measures to help guarantee the security of the Texas’ water supply now and in the future,” said Vedlitz.

For more information, read the Bush School news release.

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