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Have a pond? Try these new apps from AgriLife Extension

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s Wildlife and Fisheries unit recently received a grant from the Renewable Resources Extension Act to produce several mobile phone and device applications (apps) for pond and fish management. Landowners can have instant access to valuable management tools, with the unit’s first five apps now available for download:

  • AquaPlant is designed to help pond owners and their advisors in the identification and management of aquatic vegetation. After identification of the aquatic plant is achieved with the visual index and description pages of AquaPlant, the user can then use the management section for each species to learn the correct treatment options including biological, mechanical and herbicide controls.
  • AquaRef is an aquaculture and pond manager quick reference guide with an inclusive set of tables and conversion factors for aquaculture professionals. This guide includes pond filling time, pumping rate equivalents, discharge rates from standpipes, net mesh sizes for grading fish, length/weight relationships for fish, oxygen saturation points, pounds of fish that can be hauled at temperature, egg development stages, stocking guides, fertilization rates, and much more.
  • PondCalc is a comprehensive tool for recreational pond users as well as aquaculture producers. This tool allows the user to quickly and easily calculate the surface area of any shaped pond and then calculate the number of acre-feet, all without having to do any math. These calculations allow the user to determine accurate pond area and volume for the application of chemical treatments and herbicides.
  • AquaCide is an aquatic herbicide selection, effectiveness and restriction guide, a tool for recreational pond managers as well as aquaculture professionals. This comprehensive visual guide helps you select the most effective herbicides for all aquatic vegetation classes, including the most common North American algae and floating, submerged and emergent aquatic vegetation. Only herbicides that provide good or excellent control are provided for each species.
  • AmmoniaCalc is an un-ionized ammonia calculator, useful for on-the-go aquaculture producers and managers, as well as home aquarium hobbyists. AmmoniaCalc allows the user to input simple, easily measured water chemistry measurements such as pH and temperature to instantly calculate the un-ionized ammonia concentration.

Future apps developed by the unit will include a stocking rate calculator for livestock on grazing lands and feral hog control options. For more information, visit

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