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Mohanty appointed hydrologic engineering and sciences chair

Dr. Binayak Mohanty, professor in the departments of biological and agricultural engineering and ecosystem science and management, was recently appointed the Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Chair in Hydrologic Engineering and Sciences. This position recognizes Mohanty’s role as a distinguished scholar in hydrologic engineering and sciences, according to the college.

In his 12 years at Texas A&M, Mohanty has conducted internationally recognized research in hydrology, soil physics, engineering, remote sensing, fluid mechanics and biogeochemistry. In particular, Mohanty’s research has focused on vadose zone hydrology, the movement of water through the section of soil located above the water table. The vadose zone could hold keys to everything from drought mitigation to water contaminants tracking, food production and flood prediction, but it is not a simple place to understand, Mohanty said in a Fall 2012 txH2O article.

Mohanty and his lab use a combination of ground-, air- and satellite-based remote sensing to study soil moisture and soil hydraulics. This research helps predict water movement and inform water and natural resources management practices around the globe.

Currently, Mohanty serves as advisor to several projects in India that focus on agricultural water management, urban flooding and hydrometeorology.

Learn more about Mohanty in this College of Agriculture and Life Sciences blog post.

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