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Free video series covers prescribed burning techniques

Free video series covers prescribed burning techniques

Texas landowners looking to use prescribed fire to manage their land now can turn to a series of free educational YouTube videos tailored for the Lone Star State.

The Living With Texas Fire video series of 20 short, how-to educational clips covers everything from planning a burn to transporting a drip torch.

Dr. Morgan Russell, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service range specialist, coordinated the video project and designed it to help Texans become more “fire ready,” she said. Production was supported by Renewable Resources Extension Act funding, administered by the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources (IRNR).

“The Living with Texas Fire video series is meant to showcase the various aspects of both prescribed burning as a cost-effective means of rangeland noxious plant management and for lessening the damage caused by wildfire, known as wildfire mitigation,” Russell said.

“The videos should also be a vital visual resource for the Prescribed Burn Alliance of Texas, prescribed burn associations and prescribed burn schools, AgriLife Extension agents, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department personnel and landowners seeking specific fire behavior and resource information on prescribed fire, but also on wildfire mitigation and wildfire community readiness.”

“This video series is excellent and shows the importance of prescribed fire to rangeland management,” said Brian Hays, IRNR associate director. “Prescribed fire can benefit livestock forages as well as habitat for wildlife.”

Russell said the idea for the series stemmed from the lack of Texas-specific resource materials currently available.

“From personal experience and from talking to commercial and agency fire professionals across the state, it’s clear that there just wasn’t much out there that was current and Texas specific, especially West Texas specific, when it came to fire video educational resources,” she said.

The Living with Texas Fire video series is unique in that it is geared for the state’s specific vegetation types, ecosystems, climate variability and majority privately owned land, Russell said. Topics include drip torch handling and maintenance, sprayer know-how, burn plans, fire glossary terms, landowner perceptions, fire tools, weather factors and fire-related contacts.

“This is a needed resource,” Hays said. “We hope to continue seeing increased landowner interest in prescribed burning and landowners becoming certified prescribed burn managers.”

For more information on the series or to order free hard copies, contact Russell at 325.657.7317 or, follow Russell on Twitter at @eXMorganRussell and like the West Texas Rangelands Facebook page.

To learn more about certified prescribed burn manager training, go to

Read this AgriLife TODAY article for more details about the videos.

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