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Request for pre-proposals for 2016-2017 TWRI graduate student research programs

By Danielle Kalisek

Request for pre-proposals for 2016-2017 TWRI graduate student research programs

The Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) announced its call for pre-proposals for students conducting water resources research. TWRI has funds available for graduate students at Texas universities through two programs, the TWRI Mills Scholarship Program (available to Texas A&M College Station and Galveston only) and the U.S. Geological Survey Graduate Research Program (available to all Texas universities).

TWRI anticipates funding 6 to 8 graduate research projects of up to $5,000 each in the area of water resources and hydrology that have the potential to help Texas solve future water problems. The institute expects the funds will become available to graduate students in spring 2016 with a project timeline of one year. Additionally, those students selected for the Mills Scholarship will also be eligible for an out of state tuition waiver.

Proposed research can deal with a wide range of water resources topics. However, priority will be given to research addressing the science, technology, policy or socio-economics of:

  • Implementation of state water plan water management strategies including agricultural and urban water conservation, development of new surface and groundwater sources, desalination, reuse and aquifer storage and recovery
  • Addressing major water quality impairments in Texas including bacteria, dissolved oxygen and mercury
  • Impacts of endangered species listings on water management in the state
  • Oil and gas industry water use, reuse, and reclamation or disposal of produced water
  • Impacts of climate variability and drought on water resources and adaptation measures

See the request for pre-proposals for additional details. To be considered for one or both of these opportunities, students should complete the pre-proposal application and return it to Danielle Kalisek ( on or before Nov. 16.

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