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Call for abstracts for transboundary groundwater conference

Call for abstracts for transboundary groundwater conference

Abstracts for the American Water Resources Association summer specialty conference July 9-11 in Fort Worth are being accepted until Feb. 28. The conference theme is “The Science, Management and Governance of Transboundary Groundwater,” and abstracts are requested on any topics dealing with this theme.

According to Dr. John C. Tracy, Texas Water Resources Institute director and conference chairperson, the term 'transboundary' is not limited to 'transnational,' as whenever groundwater crosses or underlies two or more political jurisdictions, international or not, it must be managed as a transboundary resource. Abstracts for both oral and poster presentations are sought, and no papers are required. Abstracts are submitted online.

Tracy said the conference will provide attendees the opportunity to learn about and engage in discussions about innovative approaches for identifying transboundary groundwater resources and the methods to develop sustainable governance and management agreements.

Attendees can also submit proposals for topical sessions by Jan. 19 to Tracy or Dr. Michael Campana, Oregon State University professor and technical program chair. Contact Tracy or Campana for more information on the conference.

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