Drought in Texas August 2011

A special e-newsletter about dealing with the Texas drought

  • State Climatologist on the latest drought information

    The drought in Texas continues to worsen as most areas in the state have yet to receive the significant rainfall needed to help start pulling out of drought conditions, according to Texas' state climatologist.

    "If we don't get 4.5 inches of rain between now and the end of September, we will have the driest one year period ever surpassing 1956, which is the drought of record for most places," said Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas State Climatologist and professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University. "Since October 1 (2010), we've had a little more than 9 inches of rain on average for the state; normal would be about 23 inches, so we're well below 50 percent."

  • Agricultural and Wildlife Water Use

    Strategies for drought management and recovery are critical to any agricultural operation. The following resources and fact sheets provide information for agricultural production and wildlife management.

  • In-Home Water Use

    Water conservation begins at home, and every drop counts. Developing an attitude of conservation can help residential users save both water and money by conserving water during daily activities around the home. The following resources and facts sheet can help anyone learn how to conserve water in their home.

  • Landscape Irrigation

    By incorporating conservation principles into their landscape management, homeowners and professionals can maintain attractive landscapes while conserving water. The following resources and fact sheets provide information on how to achieve this balance.

  • Do you have questions about water? We can help.

    TWRI fosters and communicates priority water resources research and educational outreach programs throughout Texas. We have extensive listings of water conservation and drought resources, in addition to our various publications. We produce txH2O, a magazine published three times per year that features water research and education in Texas.

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