Drought in Texas September 2011

A special e-newsletter about dealing with the Texas drought

Drought Preparedness Council works to protect Texas

Compiled from the Drought Preparedness Council Overview

The Drought Preparedness Council, authorized and established by the 76th Texas Legislature in 1999, is charged with supporting drought management efforts in the state.

The drought preparedness council is responsible for:

  • the assessment and public reporting of drought monitoring and water supply conditions;
  • advising the governor on significant drought conditions;
  • recommending specific provisions for a defined state response to drought-related disasters for inclusion in the state emergency management plan and the state water plan;
  • advising the regional water planning groups on drought-related issues in the regional water plans;
  • ensuring effective coordination among state, local, and federal agencies in drought-response planning; and
  • reporting to the legislature, no later than Jan. 15 of each odd-numbered year, regarding significant drought conditions in the state.

The council prepares monthly drought situation reports on the status of drought conditions in the state and delivers these reports to state leadership. The council also develops and implements a comprehensive state drought preparedness plan separate from the state water plan for mitigating the effects of drought in the state.

The chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management is the state drought manager and is responsible for managing and coordinating the drought response component of the state water plan. Other members of the council include representatives from the Texas Water Development Board, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board,  Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Texas Forest Service, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Department of State Health Services, Texas Department of Rural Affairs, Texas Department of Economic Development, Texas State Climatologist and a representative of groundwater management interests, who is appointed by the governor.

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