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Texas Legislative and Irrigation Districts of the Rio Grande River Basin: A Map Series

E. Leigh, G. Fipps

The title of this map series is Texas Legislative and Irrigation Districts of the Rio Grande River Basin. The series consists of nine (9) maps showing the boundaries of legislative districts and 32 water districts that deliver irrigation water. County boundaries are also shown on the maps. These "irrigation" districts include irrigation, water control, water improvement, and municipal utility districts. The official names of the 32 irrigation districts included on the maps are given in Table 1 along with the corresponding abbreviations used for the maps.

For the Lower and Middle Rio Grande Regions, all irrigation districts shown hold Texas Class A water rights which total 1,556,959 ac-ft (Table 2). Based on water rights, the districts vary greatly in size, with the smallest active district having 1,120 ac-ft and the largest district 177,151 ac-ft. Actual water allocations in any given year depend on the amount of water stored in Amistad and Falcon Reservoirs.

In the Upper Rio Grande Basin, El Paso County Water Improvement District No.1 is allocated water according to the Rio Grande Compact. The District receives 388,000 ac-ft ("full allocation") or 43% of the available water supply in Elephant Butt and Caballo Reservoirs, whichever is less. Hudspeth County Conservation & Reclamation District No.1 has Texas Class B water rights and, therefore is authorized to use water available downstream of El Paso.

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