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Expansion of Urban Area in Irrigation Districts of the Rio Grande River Basin, 1996 - 2006: A Map Series

E. Leigh, M. Barroso, G. Fipps

The border region of Texas is experiencing rapid urban growth which is expected to have a continuing and increasing impact on the irrigation districts of the region. This report presents an analysis of the expansion of urban area during the ten year period from 1996 to 2006 in portions of the Rio Grande Basin.

This report includes maps of five counties: El Paso, Maverick, Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy, which show the expansion of urban area over this ten year period. Also, shown on the maps are the service areas of 30 irrigation districts. Individual maps of the districts have been distributed to each district and are posted at

Hudspeth and Presidio Counties (and their associated irrigation districts: Hudspeth County Conservation and Reclamation District No.1 and Presidio County Water Improvement District No.1) are not included in this map series due to insignificant urban growth.

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