New Waves July 2008

Breaking news about water resources research and education in Texas

New Publications


Rainwater Harvesting

Dana Porter, Russell A. Persyn, Valeen Silvy, Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication, B-6153 (reprint)

Homeowners and landowners can build simple or complex systems to capture, store and use rainwater to water their landscape plants.


Rainwater Harvesting: Landscape Methods

Bruce J. Lesikar, Justin Mechell, Rachel Alexander, Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication, L-5498 (reprint)

With the state’s growing population and limited supply of groundwater and surface water, Texans must use water wisely. Rainwater harvesting is an approach that anyone can use to capture rainfall. This publication explains how rainwater harvesting landscape methods can save consumers money, reduce the demand for potable water, use water efficiently and reduce flooding, erosion and surface water contamination.

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