New Waves November 2008

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Transboundary Rivers Conference set for January

A conference on transboundary rivers is set for Jan. 22-23, 2009 at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

The conference, “Transboundary Water Crisis: Learning from Our Neighbors in the Rio Grande and Jordan River Watersheds,” is hosted by the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute and the International Relations Institute.

This one and a half day conference will compare similar characteristics between the Rio Grande and Jordan River Watersheds, and explore if shared problems might reveal shared solutions.

Discussions will combine past successful and failed efforts toward the two separate watersheds in hopes to collaborate possible future resolutions, according to the conference brochure. Experts of both watersheds will make recommendations for development of natural and human resources in both the watersheds.

There is no registration fee, but participants must register to attend. To register for the conference, visit or direct questions to Peggy Risner at 575.646.4337.

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