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IBWC names new chiefs

The U.S. and Mexican governments have named new chiefs for their sections of the International Boundary and Water Commission following the deaths of their commissioners in a plane crash last month.

Al Riera, the agency’s principal engineer of operations, is the new U.S. acting commissioner for the IBWC in El Paso. Riera’s department was responsible for resolving binational issues between Mexico and the U.S., and overseeing 10 field offices located in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

The new interim commissioner of the IBWC’s Mexican section is Luis Antonio Rascón Mendoza, who will oversee the office in Juárez.

The cause of the crash that killed former IBWC Commissioners Carlos Marin (U.S. Section) and Arturo Herrera Solis (Mexico section) is under investigation by Mexican authorities.

(Story from El Paso Times)

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