New Waves April 2009

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TWRI grant recipient expands WRAP capabilities

By Caitlin Churchill

Tae Jin Kim, a graduate of Korea University now earning a doctorate from Texas A&M University in water resources engineering, recently worked with his advising professor, Dr. Ralph Wurbs, also a Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) associate director, to expand the Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP).

WRAP is a generalized river/reservoir management modeling system that is routinely applied in Texas to support regional and statewide planning studies and administration of the water rights permit system.

Kim's research is supported by a 2007-08 TWRI research grant. With the $5,000 grant, Kim implemented newly developed WRAP capabilities for modeling reservoir operations for flood control to further expand WRAP. Kim added flood risk indices, enabling WRAP to evaluate interactions and tradeoffs between reservoir operations for flood control and conservation.

To develop and test extended WRAP modeling capabilities, a system of 12 reservoirs operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Brazos River Authority was adopted as a case study.

Kim said his research also extended the WRAP modeling systems period of analysis by 10 years. "The Brazos River Basin WRAP input dataset has a 1940-1997 hydrologic period-of-analysis. [My] research included developing and applying methods to extend the period-of-analysis to 1900-2007; providing a better representation of river basin hydrology."

After he completes his doctorate, Kim will seek a position related to water resources management so he may continue research efforts.

Research conducted by Kim was funded by TWRI through the U.S. Geological Survey as part of the National Institutes for Water Research annual research program. TWRI is the designated institute for water resources research in Texas.

For more information on Kim's research, visit the TWRI USGS Research Grants Web page.

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