New Waves August 2009

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Baylor research tests wetlands used in septic tank systems

Two Baylor University researchers have created and tested several new on-site wastewater treatment systems to see if they could be part of the next generation of residential treatment systems, according to a Baylor news release.

Dr. Joe Yelderman, professor of geology, and Dr. Margaret Forbes, research associate in biology, constructed five different submerged gravel wetlands and tested the contaminant-removal ability of each wetland against different dosing systems, ranging from a continuous dose to a more rapid batch dose coming out of a septic tank. The submerged wetlands rely on the gravel and plants to remove contaminants by mirroring the pollutant removal ability of nature.

After several tests on the wetlands to see what dosing system works the best with a specific wetland, the Baylor researchers found that the wetland with gravel and plants performed better, discharging cleaner water, during batch dosing when compared against more continuous dosing.

Read the complete Baylor news story.

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