New Waves August 2009

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Texas ET Network installs Georgetown weather station

Residents in Williamson County now have a way to estimate how much water they need to irrigate. The Texas ET Network, a program of Texas AgriLife Extension Service’s Irrigation Technology Center, recently installed an agricultural weather station in Georgetown, according to an AgriLife Extension associate.

Charles Swanson, manager of the Texas ET Network, said information from the weather station, which collects temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and rainfall measurements, can be viewed at The network uses these parameters to calculate a plant’s water requirement, known as evapotranspiration or ET.

“This area uses a tremendous amount of water for landscape irrigation,” Bob Whitney, AgriLife Extension agent for Williamson County said. “This weather station will help us to schedule that water use much more efficiently and effectively.”

The TexasET Network, which includes more than 30 weather stations across the state, was created as an online tool to help landscape and agricultural irrigators efficiently schedule irrigation. Users of TexasET can view the daily weather records and use one of the three online tools on the Web site: the home watering calculator, turf/landscape calculator and the crop irrigation calculator. Frequent TexasET users also have the ability to create a free account with TexasET and receive email water recommendations.

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