New Waves January 2009

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Conference commits to protect and conserve water reservoirs

The Soil and Water Conservation Society is hosting a conference to identify and share science-based information for protecting and conserving critical water reservoirs in the United States. The conference, From Dust Bowl to Mud Bowl: Sedimentation, Conservation Measures, and the Future of Reservoirs, will be held September 14-16, 2009 at the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

The conference aims to advance science, research, collaboration, and problem solving by engaging professionals from various disciplines to address crucial issues regarding conservation and sedimentation of reservoirs. It will provide an opportunity to directly connect ongoing research, extension, and education in conservation practices to the health and sustainability of reservoirs.

At this time the conference is calling for possible verbal presentation abstracts as well as poster abstracts. The abstract deadline to be considered as a verbal presenter is January 30, and the deadline for poster abstracts is set as March 13.

Abstracts may be submitted on any topic related to the conference goals and objectives, but participants are encouraged to submit innovative research methodologies for assessing reservoir condition, determining sources of sediment, in-stream processes relating to stream morphology and sediment load delivery, and reservoir rehabilitation.

The conference is additionally supported by the Texas and Arkansas Water Resources Institutes, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Kansas State Research and Extension/Kansas State University, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension and the USDA-Cooperate State Research, Education, and Extension Service Water and Watershed Program.

Abstract guidelines and submission More information on the conference and how to register

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