New Waves July 2009

Breaking news about water resources research and education in Texas

Getting in Step workshops to cover watershed education and outreach

Getting in Step, a workshop on educating and motivating audiences to protect water quality, will be held in Houston, Austin and Dallas, on Sept. 22, 23 and 24, respectively.

These workshops, organized by the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI), developed and led by Tetra Tech, and funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will teach participants how to conduct watershed outreach campaigns to help reduce nonpoint source (NPS) and stormwater pollution, improve water quality on a priority watershed basis, and facilitate greater total maximum daily load and watershed-based plan implementation.

"One of the most critical steps to improving water quality is obtaining stakeholder buy-in, support, and action,” said Kevin Wagner, an associate director at TWRI. “This workshop does a great job of showing participants how to conduct effective watershed outreach campaigns to reach stakeholders and get their involvement."

The course will increase participants’ outreach and social marketing knowledge and skills, identify opportunities for agencies and organizations to partner to conduct and improve outreach efforts, and promote the adoption of social marketing and outcome-based methods to improve effectiveness of outreach efforts targeted at adults.

Workshop attendees are encouraged to bring samples of their previous or current outreach efforts that relate to NPS pollution or watershed protection.

For more information or to register the workshops, visit TWRI’s Training Course Web site or contact Wagner at

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