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New Publications/Papers

Precision Irrigators Network: On-Farm Research Demonstration to Evaluate Irrigation Scheduling Tools in the Wintergarden and Texas High Plains, Giovanni Piccinni, Daniel Leskovar, Wyatte Harman, B.L. Harris, Texas Water Resources Institute Report TR-351, 2009

Due to constraints such as water pumping and allocation limits, the need arose for growers in the High Plains and Wintergarden to shift their irrigation strategies from full water application to minimal use supplementing rainfall and available soil moisture. Recognizing the need for agricultural producers to become more efficient in their water use, the Texas Water Development Board funded this project, known as the Precision Irrigators Network or PIN II. Texas AgriLife Research and Extension scientists worked with growers to demonstrate the need for real-time knowledge of crop water use and the necessity of careful attention to the amount of water available to effectively irrigate and manage crops to optimize economical production. The results of this project continue to help High Plains and Wintergarden growers increase irrigation efficiency and improve irrigation strategies, as well as provide crop coefficients and water use requirements of agronomic and vegetable crops.

Soil Testing Following Flooding, Overland Flow of Wastewater and other Freshwater Disasters, Tony Provin, Sam E. Feagley, John L. Pitt, Mark L. McFarland, E-522, 2009

Freshwater flooding can seriously affect soil fertility and the physical and chemical properties of soil. This publication explains how to reclaim flooded soil. Having the soil tested for microbes, pesticides, hydrocarbons and other contaminants is an important step.

TWRI Water Resources Training Courses

Texas Watershed Coordinator Roundtable Meeting July 8, 2009
River/Reservoir Modeling with WRAP July 8-10, 2009
5th Annual SWAT Conference & Workshops Aug. 3-7, 2009
Texas Watershed Planning Short Course Aug. 17-21, 2009

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