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Lake Granbury Water Quality program advances educational efforts

A team of Texas AgriLife Extension Service educators led by Dr. Bruce Lesikar, professor and associate department head in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, is continuing to educate residents in Hood County about water quality threats related to ongoing, nonpoint source water pollution within the Lake Granbury Watershed. Six training events in Hood County are planned between April 6 and April 17, and additional training is scheduled for June 1-3, 2009.

The goal of the Water Quality Education for Hood County Program is to educate local stakeholders about water quality issues affecting the lake, said Megan Meier, Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) project manager. With the use of federal funds from the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service, AgriLife Extension and TWRI help landowners, homeowners, businesses, and municipalities reduce nonpoint pollution.

Since January 2007 the team has developed over 20 generalized and watershed-specific fact sheets about various topics including fecal coliform contamination and sources, on-site wastewater treatment, collective wastewater treatment systems, graywater systems, pet waste management, nutrient and sediment loading, landscape chemicals, and management practices to minimize loadings, including urban and agricultural nonpoint source pollution.

These public meetings, public educational programs, and training events are key objectives of the program. "Education and understanding by homeowners and other lake users are critical in cleaning up pollution in Lake Granbury.  Knowing the 'cause and effect' relationships of individual's actions and their affect on lake water quality will lead to responsible changes in personal and community water practices." said Dr. B.L. Harris, TWRI acting director.

Upcoming training events for the program include:

  • April 6: Storm Water Management in the Home Landscape
  • April 7: Water Quality and Rainwater Harvesting Training
  • April 14: A county Extension agent will discuss watershed management, bacterial sources, and best management practices on a local television station
  • April 15: Health and Maintenance of your Aerobic Treatment System
  • April 16: Wastewater Practitioners Training
  • April 17: Small Acreage Landowners Symposium
  • June 1-3: Rainwater Harvesting Master Gardener Specialist Training by Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Granbury
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