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TWRI project manager authors Ecohydrology report

Lucas Gregory, a project manager at Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) and former student in the Water Management and Hydrological Sciences program at Texas A&M University, recently published the report, "Large-scale rainfall simulation over shallow caves on karst shrublands."

The report, published in Ecohydrology, reveals results of research on recharge dynamics in the karst Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. Karst areas are typified by sedimentary rocks exhibiting solutionally enlarged openings, such as caves and sinkholes, and have the ability to rapidly transmit water from the surface to underlying aquifers.

Because recharge rates in karst regions may be affected by vegetation cover, Gregory and a team of researchers, sought to understand the interactions between recharge and vegetation in the karst landscape north of San Antonio.

The report presents the results of a set of hillslope-scale rainfall simulation experiments conducted within a juniper-oak woodland over a shallow cave instrumented for drip-rate monitoring.

The findings of this study provide insights into the importance of canopy interception during runoff-producing events, the nature and relative magnitude of rapid recharge, and the interplay between recharge and surface runoff.

The report is also co-authored by Dr. Bradford Wilcox, Bev Shade, Dr. Clyde Munster, Dr. Keith Owens, and George Veni.

Complete text of the report can be found online.

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