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TWDB makes water use summaries available to the public

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) recently posted summaries of the state’s 2007 water use estimates per acre-foot for municipal and industrial entities. New to the 2007 figures is a pilot water use measure—an estimate of residential water use per capita for some of the state’s cities, according to Kevin Kluge, team leader of the Water Use Survey.

The residential estimate of gallons per capita daily includes single family and multi-family and includes both indoor and outdoor water uses. Kluge said that it might take several years for water utilities to make sure that this water use is categorized properly. “Apartments are categorized by some utilities as multi-family residential and a commercial account by others,” he said.

The TWDB conducts a mandatory annual survey of groundwater and surface water use to collect current, accurate information on quantities, sources and related water use data for municipal and industrial water uses, according the its Web site. The TWDB uses this data to develop water use estimates, summarized by geographic location and by water use category, for water resources planning. Water use is divided into municipal, (which includes residential, commercial and institutional water use) manufacturing, steam electric power, mining, irrigation and livestock water uses.

The historical water use estimates are revised as additional data and corrections are made available to the TWDB.

Information may be downloaded in Excel spreadsheets by state and regional totals, by county and by city from the Water Use Survey Summary Estimates Web site.

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