New Waves April 2010

Breaking news about water resources research and education in Texas

Mission Verde Center opens in San Antonio, with help from TEES

The recently opened Mission Verde Center at Cooper is an education, training and research center focused on renewable and energy efficient technologies. The city of San Antonio has allocated $1 million toward energy improvements at the Mission Verde Center. The Texas Center for Applied Technology (TCAT), a part of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station, is partnering with the city and conducting a comprehensive energy and water audit to establish a baseline for energy and water efficiency retrofits, and then design, implement and monitor these improvements.

The center aims to accelerate the development and deployment of existing and new renewable energy and sustainable water technologies, create new business and job opportunities centered on renewable energy and sustainability, and facilitate private/public investment to build new economic generators driving job growth, according to TEES.

At the center, students will learn about weatherization techniques and will get on-the-job training in sustainability. Consumers will also be able to observe and understand how to interact with new technologies, and provide feedback. It will also provide an opportunity for graduate students at local universities in San Antonio to observe and test the technologies.

To learn more, see the full TEES News story here.

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