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TCEQ requests public comment on proposed water quality standards

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is requesting public comment on the proposed "2010 Texas Surface Water Quality Standards" and the "Procedures to Implement the Standards."

The Texas Surface Water Quality Standards establish explicit goals to maintain the quality of streams, lakes and bays throughout the state, according to TCEQ. The standards identify appropriate uses for the state’s surface waters, including aquatic life, contact or noncontact recreation, and source of public water supply (or drinking water). TCEQ is required to review the standards every three years.

The comment period will end March 17. Those wishing to make comments on the rule or implementation procedures document are strongly encouraged to submit them to the agency electronically.

The target date for adoption of the standards by TCEQ is July, with an effective date of August 2010.

More information on the proposed standards and implementation.

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