New Waves July 2010

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TCEQ adopts revised water quality standards

On June 30 the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) adopted revisions to the Texas Water Quality Standards and Implementation Procedures. The standards describe the chemical, physical, and biological conditions to be attained in the surface waters of Texas. According to TCEQ, changes were needed to reflect the most recent scientific information.

The commissioners chose to retain 126 E. coli per 100 milliliters as the standard for primary contact recreation, asked to continue to be informed about further scientific developments for nutrient criteria, and asked to consider mechanisms to streamline the process for determining what level of recreation use a water body supports, through a site-specific use-attainability analysis.

“The TCEQ has historically evaluated its water rules periodically to make sure they keep pace with changes in science and technology,” said Office of Water Deputy Director L’Oreal Stepney.

The commission said that for this revision it devoted extensive effort to establish 119 tailored site-specific standards for aquatic life, dissolved oxygen, toxic criteria, and aquatic recreation.

See the complete TCEQ news release for the full information.

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