New Waves March 2010

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Separations Sciences Lab hosts short course

The Texas A&M University Separations Sciences Lab is hosting its 20th annual Membrane, Filtration, and Separations Technologies short course April 18-22, in College Station.

The short course provides a review of basic principles of membrane filtration and separations processing including system design, membrane and equipment selection costs, economics, and practical applications. The course will also review major applications of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, pervaporation, chromotography, centrifugation, and other technologies in food processing, chemical processing, petroleum processing, pharmaceutical processing and water treatment, environmental and industrial processing and manufacturing. The course will provide “hands-on” demonstrations of the technologies and review case studies and success stories.

To learn more, visit the lab’s Web site, call 979.693.7500 or email Carl Vavra at

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