New Waves May 2010

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New Projects, Publications/Papers and Training Courses

New TWRI projects

The Texas Water Resources Institute recently acquired funding for the following new projects:
  • Evaluation of Electrostatic Particle Ionization and BioCurtain Technologies to Reduce Dust, Odor and Pollutants from Broiler Houses This project will evaluate the ability of an Electrostatic Particle Ionization (EPI) and BioCurtain (BC) technologies to reduce dust, odor, and other environmental pollutants emitted from confined commercial broiler houses and educate commercial poultry producers on the effectiveness and application of EPI and BioCurtain systems for reducing odor, gas and particulate emissions. Principal Collaborators: Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Texas AgriLife Research, Stephen F. Austin State University, Sanderson Farms, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board Funding Agencies: Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

New Publications/Papers

Plugging Abandoned Water Wells, Bruce J. Lesikar, Justin Mechell, Texas AgriLife Extension Bookstore, B-6238, April 2010.

This publication explains the threat of abandoned water wells to groundwater resources and the responsibility of Texas property owners to plug abandoned wells. It offers step-by-step instructions for plugging wells and includes information about the permits that are required.

Desalination Methods for Producing Drinking Water, Justin Mechell, Bruce J. Lesikar, Texas AgriLife Extension Bookstore, E-249, April 2010.

This publication explains the desalination technologies for communities to produce drinking water. Distillation methods include thermal, membrane, multi-stage flash, vapor compression, and solar distillation. Membrane technologies include electrodialysis, electrodialysis reversal, or pressure gradient, used in reverse osmosis.

TWRI Water Resources Training Courses

Geographic Information Systems Workshop Jun. 16-17, 2010
ArcAPEX Training Course Jun. 29-30, 2010
River/Reservoir Modeling with WRAP Course Jul. 07-09, 2010
Key EPA Internet Tools Course Jul. 26, 2010

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