New Waves October 2010

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Statewide assessment of ET networks team presents results, recommendations

On Sept. 13, a team of Texas AgriLife Research scientists presented a preliminary results workshop in College Station on a project analyzing evapotranspiration (ET) networks, titled The Texas ET Assessment.

ET is a measure of the total water demand through evaporation and plant transpiration to the atmosphere. Crop ET can be used to guide precision irrigation, saving water and crop input costs. The goal of the project was to thoroughly assess and review ET networks throughout Texas to meet objectives to document, advocate, and potentially implement an improved and more uniform irrigation scheduling basis within Texas.

Recommendations presented by the team included establishing and maintaining statewide ET data, ensuring that ET calculations comply with professional organizations’ standards, recalibrating weather sensors every two years, and using training opportunities for ET personnel offered by the Irrigation Technology Center.

The project team included Thomas Marek, P.E., Dr. Dana Porter, P. E., Dr. Terry Howell, P. E., Dr. Prasanna Gowda, Jed Moorhead, Don Dusek, and Erica Cox. The research was funded through a grant by the Agricultural Water Conservation Division of the Texas Water Development Board.

To learn more, read the project’s Texas Water Resources Institute technical report, or contact Porter at or Marek at

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