New Waves April 2011

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Texas scientists publish needed golden algae research

Texas scientists publish needed golden algae research Texas scientists involved in researching golden algae and its toxic blooms in lakes have recently published numerous articles about their findings in peer-reviewed journals, including two special journal issues.

Drs. Dan Roelke of Texas A&M University, Jim Grover of the University of Texas at Arlington, and Bryan Brooks of Baylor University have researched mitigation and management strategies of golden algae within Lake Granbury to prevent the harmful blooms. The research was part of a congressionally funded project managed by the Texas Water Resources Institute.

“To date, our team has published 17 papers on golden algae in Texas, approximately 50 percent of all that is published on this subject,” Roelke said.

In February 2010, the Journal of American Water Resources Association published a special issue about golden algae (Prymnesium parvum) and five articles were co-authored by Roelke, Grover and/or Brooks, along with other authors.

Roelke recently organized a special issue of the Journal of Plankton Research, published in February 2011, that focused on the effects of inflows on harmful algal blooms, with five of the papers in that special issue coming from the research group.

Roelke said he is also organizing a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences focused on how altered hydrology due to climate change and human population growth will affect the aquatic ecosystems. This journal issue will be published in 2012 and feature at least two publications by the research group.

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