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TV spots encourage viewers to protect the Arroyo Colorado

TV spots encourage viewers to protect the Arroyo Colorado Public service announcements recently aired on television in the Rio Grande Valley to educate viewers on ways they can help clean up the Arroyo Colorado, according to an official with the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI).

The production and airing of the public service announcements were an effort of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership’s watershed protection plan, said Jaime Flores, the institute’s Arroyo Colorado watershed coordinator.

The 30-second announcements aired on several English- and Spanish- language stations and appealed to both urban residents and agricultural producers.

"Independent research that was conducted during the development of the protection plan, which was one of the first of its kind in the state, indicated that most people are willing to do their part to clean up the Arroyo Colorado if they are told of ways they can help. These PSAs were designed to do just that," he said.

The agricultural announcement encourages farmers to test their soils for nutrients to possibly decrease the amount of fertilizers they use, which can also end up into the Arroyo, Flores said.

"If we can get citizens aware that their actions could either help or hurt the Arroyo, I think they will choose to help," Flores said.

The announcements are available on the partnership’s website.

TWRI administers the partnership, which includes projects funded by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas General Land Office, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Several projects are funded through EPA’s Clean Water Act Section 319(h) grant program.

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