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Trinity Waters kicks off website, social media, conservation projects

Trinity Waters kicks off website, social media, conservation projects Trinity Waters, a nonprofit organization, is working with the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources (IRNR), Texas AgriLife Extension Service and Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) and others on land and water conservation projects in the middle Trinity River Basin.

Trinity Waters, formerly known as the Trinity Basin Conservation Foundation, launched a new website to better communicate with landowners and other residents of the Trinity River Basin area. IRNR in cooperation with AgriLife Extension developed the website.

The main purpose of the website is to make it easier for people, particularly landowners and land managers, to access a wealth of objective, reliable information on conservation practices to apply to their own land management strategies, said Blake Alldredge, AgriLife Extension associate.

Alldredge is the education and outreach coordinator for the new middle Trinity River project, Building Partnerships for Cooperative Conservation in the Trinity River Basin. The projected is managed by TWRI and funded by the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board through a Clean Water Act nonpoint source grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Trinity Waters has also launched a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

In another project, Trinity Waters is working with Wisconsin-based Sand County Foundation to pilot a Water As A Crop project in Mill Creek in the Trinity basin. Sand County Foundation is providing financial incentives to landowners to improve the value of their land by increasing the value of their water resources and those of individuals living downstream.

The Mill Creek site will target approximately 3,000 acres and 15 landowners for participation in the first year, coordinators said. Mill Creek eventually flows into Richland-Chambers reservoir, a major source of water for residents of northeastern Texas.

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