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Implementation of Intensive Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation to Support the Lake O’ the Pines National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI) – Phase I Final Report
L. Gregory, E. Rhodes, K. Wagner, B. Jonescu, K. Young
Update to the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan
J. Flores, K. Wagner, L. Gregory, J. A. Benavides, T. Cawthon
Little River, San Gabriel River, and Big Elm Creek Watershed Inventory: Segments: 1213_01, 1213_04, 1213A_01, 1214_01, 1214_02
B. Jonescu, S. Muela, K. Peddicord, A. Berthold
Improving runoff water quality from small pork production facilities using vegetative treatment areas
K. Wagner, R. Pampell, D. Hrmel
Tres Palacios Creek Watershed Protection Plan
M. Schramm, A. Berthold, C.Entwistle
Continued Coordinating Implementation of the Leon River Watershed Protection Plan
A. James, B. Hays, K. Wagner
Statewide Delivery of the Texas Well Owner Network (TWON) Final Report
D. Boellstorff, D. Gholson, D. Kalisek, J.W. Smith, R. Gerlich, K. Wagner A. Jantrania, T. Miller
Navasota River Below Lake Limestone Watershed Protection Plan
L. Gregory, K. Lazar, A. Gitter


Texas BST Program Refinement, Expansion and Use – FY15
K. Wagner, T.J. Gentry, M. Mukherjee, G.D. Di Giovanni, E.A. Casarez, J.A. Truesdale
The Drought Survivability Study
A. Truong, R. White, F. Cobb, R. Lopez
Bacterial Source Tracking to Support Adaptive Management of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan: Final Report
A.Berthold, J. A. Benavides, E. Casarez, G. Di Giovanni, J. Archuleta-Truesdale
FINAL REPORT: Fair Oaks Ranch Water Policy Analysis
Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources
Delivering Education Programs Focused on Stakeholder Needs to Address Agricultural NPS in the Arroyo Colorado Watershed
V. Gutierrez, K. Wagner, A. Berthold
Carters Creek Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Project Final Report
L. Gregory, B. Jonescu, J. Murray, C. Schulz, A. Gitter, K. Wagner
Carters Creek Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Project Education and Outreach Report: Task 6
L. Gregory, C. Schulz
Carters Creek Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Project Intensive Water Quality Monitoring Report: Task 7
L. Gregory, J. Murray, C. Schulz
Carters Creek Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Project Routine, Reconnaissance and Stormwater Monitoring Report: Tasks 4 and 5
B. Jonescu, L. Gregory, A. Gitter, K. Wagner
Carters Creek Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Project Watershed Source Survey and GIS Mapping: Task 3
L. Gregory, J. Murray and C. Schulz

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