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Influence of Fatty Alcohols and Acids on the Clarity and Biota of Impounded Reservoirs

W. B. Davis, T. D. Reynolds

This project presents results on a laboratory and field investigation of some of the biological and physical effects as a result of the use of a 1:1 mixture of hexadecanol and octadecanol. Laboratory investigations were concerned with changes in pH, hardness, alkalinity, turbidity, surface clarity, oxygen diffusion, diurnal oxygen, chlorophyll, bacterial counts, some unicellular algae, some filamentous algae, waterweeds (Anacharis) and fish (Gambusia affins and Fundalus notatus).

Field and laboratory investigations were also concerned with the derivation and experimental validation of an expression to give the dissolved oxygen concentration during the critical night period for a small lake or pond treated with a 1:1 mixture of hexadecanol and octadecanol.

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