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TR-23 Vol. 1

Requirements for the Effective Use of the Water Resources Scientific Information Center (WRSIC) -- Determined by Field Evaluation

J. B. Herbich, E. B. Smith, J. D. Benson

A field evaluation study of user requirements for effective use of the Water Resources Scientific Information Center (WRSIC) is described. The study included several components including an analysis of potential users classified by their participation in various aspects of water resources; determination of WRSIC user needs according to the type of user; determination of the cost user may pay for services and quality of service demanded; kinds of information that should be included in WRSIC; type of service requirements of potential users; and potential input to WRSIC by users. Total number of organizations interviewed by mail and by personal visits was 726 and total number of persons interviewed was 128, mail Questionnaires were sent to 669 participants and the response was 52.9 percent. The results of the study are summarized in graphical and tabular form.

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