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Identification of Management and Planning Problems of Urban Water Resources in the Metropolitan Area of Greater San Antonio

K. Garner, C. S. Shih

This interim report describes the research performed to date on Project A-017-TEX sponsored by the U. S. Department of Interior Office of Water Resources Research and the Texas A&M University Texas Water Resources Institute.

The research reported herein describes the region Encompassed by the San Antonio river basin. Included in the description is a brief summary of the regional economy, demography, and geographical characteristics. Additionally, the quantitative and qualitative information including the inventory and planning control for both surface and ground Water Resource Management of the San Antonio area are presented. Emphasis has been placed upon the identification of the probabilistic nature of various decision-making parameters of Urban Water Resources Management. The methodogies and techniques for the handling of specific problems are being developed and will be presented in the project completion report.

Appreciation is expressed to the Alamo Area Council of Governments and the Texas Water Development Board for their assistance in this research. Numerous graduate students contributed to this research. Chief among these is Miss Sharon Tu for her efforts in developing the San Antonio Data Retrieval Program. Special acknowledgement is given to Mr. John Little for his assistance in preparing the manuscript for publication. The cooperation of Dr. J. R. Runkles and the entire staff of the Texas Water Resources Institute is appreciated. Finally, a special thanks to Mrs. Cynthia Fong for her diligent effort in typing the manuscript.

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