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1973 Reports

Decision Analysis on Water Resources Planning and Management for an Arid Metropolitan Center in West Texas
C. S. Shih, J. H. Dean
An Evaluation of OBERS Projections of Texas Agricultural Production in 1980, 2000 and 2020
J. P. Warren, W. L. Griffin, W. L. Trock
Development of a Dynamic Water Management Policy for Texas
W. L. Meier, J. C. Helm, G. L. Curry
Methodology for Assesment of Urban Water Planning Objectives
W. L. Meier, B. M. Thornton
Water Quality Hydrology of Lands Receiving Farm Animal Wastes
D. L. Reddell, G. G. Wise, R. E. Peters, P. J. Lyerly
Identification of Water Resources Planning Problems in the Metropolitan Area of Greater San Antonio and its Associated Counties
J. K. Garner, C. S. Shih
An Economic Evaluation of a Water-Based Urban Tourist Attraction in San Antonio, Texas
W. L. Trock, R. D. Lacewell
Stochastic Models Applied to Operation of Reservoirs in the Upper Colorado River Basin in Texas
R. A. Clark, G. E. O
The Ecology of the Navasota River, Texas
W. J. Clark
The Texas Water Plan and its Institutional Problems
C. W. Jensen, W. L. Trock
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