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The Ecology of the Navasota River, Texas

W. J. Clark

A general Limnological Survey was made of the Navasota River, Texas, a tributary of the Brazos River, between February, 1968 and March, 1970. Five stations on the main channel were visited twice monthly from February, 1968 to January, 1970, and three major tributaries were visited twice monthly from April, 1969 to March, 1970, at a station near the mouth of each. In addition, collections of fishes and benthos were made from 144 sites distributed throughout the watershed. Data provided include, discharge, temperature, pH, specific conductance, chloride, sulfate, nitrate, hardness, organics, trace elements, bacteria, zooplankton, macro-drift, algae, benthos and fishes (with distribution maps of fish species).

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