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1974 Reports

An Investigation of the Return Flow from Irrigated Land
K. W. Brown, C. J. Gerard, D. W. DeMichele, P. J. H. Sharpe, B. W. Hipp
Value of Irrigation Water with Alternative Input Prices, Product Prices and Yield Levels: Texas High Plains and Rio Grande Valley
R. D. Lacewell, J. M. Sprott, B. R. Beattie
Costs of Land Subsidence Due to Groundwater Withdrawal
J. P. Warren, L. L. Jones, W. L. Griffin, R. D. Lacewell
Development of Criteria for Evaluating Urban River Settings for Tourism-Rereation Use
C. A. Gunn, J. W. Hanna, A. J. Parenzin, F. M. Blumberg
Alternate Solutions to Water Resource Development -- A Case Study
D. R. Basco, K. M. A. Rahman
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