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1975 Reports

A Model for Estimating Demand for Irrigation Water on the Texas High Plains
G. D. Condra, R. D. Lacewell, J. M. Sprott, B. M. Adams
Economic Effects of Land Subsidence Due to Excessive Groundwater Withdrawal in the Texas Gulf Coast Area
L. L. Jones, J. Larson
Electrochemical Flocculation and Chlorination for Domestic Water Supplies
R. C. Dillion Jr., E. A. Hiler, J. L. Peters
Increased Water Use Efficeincy Through Trickle Irrigation
E. A. Hiler
Effects of Original Vegatation on Reservoir Water Quality
J. Ball, C. Weldon, B.Crocker
Increasing Water Use Efficiency Through Improved Orifice Design and Operational Procedures for Subirrigation Systems
O. C. Wilke, E. A. Hiler
Optimization of Water Use Efficiency Through Trickle Irrigation and the Stress Day Index
O. C. Wilke, E. A. Hiler
Systematic Analysis of Priority Water Resources Problems to Develop a Comprehensive Research Program for the Southern Plains River Basins Region
R. E. Babcock, J. W. Clark, E. J. Dantin, M. T. Edmison, N. A. Evans, W. L. Power, J. R. Runkles
Value of Irrigation Water with Alternative Input Prices, Product Prices and Yield Levels: Texas Coastal Bend, Cross Timbers, Deep East, Edwards Aquifer, El Paso, Gulf Coast, Lower South Central, Rolling Plains, Trans Pecos and Winter Garden Regions
J. M. Sprott, R. D. Lacewell, B. R. Beattie
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