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1976 Reports

Simulation of Pollutant Movement in Groundwater Aquifers
R. Khaleel, D. L. Reddell
Treatment of Wood Preserving Wastewater
T. D. Reynolds, P. A. Shack
Potential Impact of the Development of Lignite Reserves on Water Resources of East Texas
W. P. James, J. F. Slowey, R. L. Garret, C. Ortiz, J. Bright, T. King
Impact of Water Resource Development on Coastal Erosion, Brazos River, Texas
C. C. Mathewson, L. L. Minter
Environmental Evaluation of Water Resources Development
W. P. James, C. E. Woods, R. E. Blanz
The Effect of Changing Input and Product Prices on the Demand for Irrigation Water in Texas
R. D. Lacewell, G. D. Condra
Adjustments Due to a Declining Groundwater Supply: High Plains of Northern Texas and Western Oklahoma
R. D. Lacewell, L. L. Jones, J. E. Osborn
Economic Effect on Agricultural Production of Alternative Energy Input Prices: Texas High Plains
B. M. Adams, R. D. Lacewell, G. D. Condra
Net Benefits to Agriculture from the Trinity River Project, Texas
B. Fish, G Williford, H. Elling, R. D. Lacewell, P Hosch, W Griffin, D. L. Reddell, E. A. Hiler, W. Bausch
The Impact of Declining Groundwater Supply in the Northern High Plains of Texas and Oklahoma on Expenditures for Community Services
G. H. Williford, B. R. beattie, R. D. Lacewell
The Influence of Trickle Irrigation on the Quality of Irrigation Return Flow
K. W. Brown, C. J. Gerard, D. W. DeMichele, P. J. H. Sharpe, B. W. Hipp
An Interindustry Model of El Paso and Hudspeth Counties, Texas
W. S. Coffman, B. R. Beattie, L. L. Jones, J. W. Adams
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