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1983 Reports

Impact of New Irrigation Technology on the Texas High Plains: 1980-2020
D. R. Reneau, R. D. Lacewell, J. R. Ellis
Single Location Doublet Well to Reduce Salt-Water Encroachment: Phase I-Numerical Simulation
D. L. Reddell
Water Conservation with Urban Landscape Plants
B. W. Hipp, C. Giordano, B. Simpson
Pricing and Conservation of Irrigation Water in Texas and New Mexico
J. R. Ellis, R. D. Lacewell, G. C. Cornforth, P. W. Teague
Effect of Forest Site Preparation and Livestock Grazing on Stormflow and Water Quality in the South East
T. K. Hunter, Jr., W. H. Blackburn, A. T. Weichert, J. P. Dobrowolski
Economic Implications of New Crops, Row Damming and Land Clearing in the Texas Winter Garden
G. E. Muncrief, R. D. Lacewell, G. C. Cornforth, J. G. Pena
Assessment of Stormflow and Water Quality from Undisturbed and Site Prepared Forest Land in East Texas (Final Report)
M. G. DeHaven, W. H. Blackburn, J. L. Nieber, W. W. Crawley, A. T. Weichert
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